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Oud 03 december 2005, 22:13
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Op Palminfocenter beschrijft dmitrygr het zo:

1. go to radioshack and by the cheapest wired headset you can find ($9.99 likely) it should have a wire then a mic module then a wire to earbud

2. crack the mic module open and desolder the microphone.

3. open the TX, disconnect the cables from LCD and Buttons and turn the motherboard over so you see the side with the processor on it

4. solder mic in as i showed here: http://www.palmpowerups.com/priv/diymictx.jpg

hi-res pic: http://www.palmpowerups.com/priv/diymictx_hr.jpg

Ook becommentarieerd op de Brighthand Forums:

... en nu maar duimen voor Skype voor het PalmOS!
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