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Oud 18 juni 2012, 13:17
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Pre 3!
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(dit was het originele bericht van rx_shorty)

Het is iemand gelukt om de App catalog te veranderen op je toestel!

GMMan heeft het volgende gefixed:

By popular request, I present you the

HP webOS App Catalog Country Changer

This program allows you to change the country your webOS Account is associated to, so that you can buy paid apps if you have a credit card from a supported country. 'Nuff said. A readme is enclosed, so make sure you read that, thoroughly so you won't be at a loss if you get hit by a server error.

See download in the attachments section.

If you like the program and would like to donate, please donate to the Homebrew Pivot project. (See donate button on the thread's OP.)

The program require .NET Framework 3.5, so for you Mac and Linux users, you'll need to run it with Mono. Sorry.

  • Allows you to change the App Catalog country
  • Shows complete information about each country as provided by HP's servers
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