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Palm User Group Netherlands
You have just reached the website of the Palm User Group Netherlands (PUG-NL). Our primary goal is to exchange information about handheld computers (Palm, Visor, Sony CLIE, Handera/TRGpro etc.). Since the start-up in September, 1998, we grew rapidly to currently more than 5,000 members. We have our own bi-monthly newsletter, heavily visited website and discussion board. We also organize a user meeting once a year.
Because we are focussed on the Benelux region, all publications (website and newsletter) are in the Dutch language.

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The foundation
On October 29th, 1999, we founded the "Nederlandse Palmclub Stichting", a foundation with the following goals:

  1. to promote the interests of users of Palm Computing products
  2. by means of providing information, organize meetings and publishing a newsletter
We are registered at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce, number 08083597 (region Twente).
Our bank account number is 1468.24.113 (Rabobank Amsterdam). If you need to make an international payment to us, please contact Gonny van der Zwaag for details. The foundation was dissolved in 2011.

Website design
We would like to thank Ruud Winder and Marga Pettit of Bureau Gras, who designed our new website.

The pages of this site from the 'Nederlandse Palmclub Stichting' are protected by the international laws on authorship and copyrights. Therefore it is not allowed to store these pages unless it is for personal use, to edit them, or to redistribute (e.g. through email or Usenet News). The 'Nederlandse PalmClub Stichting' is registered in the Dutch Camber of Commerce Register (Kamer van Koophandel Veluwe en Twente; number 08083597). Palmclub is the regular name for the 'Nederlandse Palmclub Stichting'.

We allow re-using certain pages of this site under specific agreements. Please contact the editors of this site for further information on this.

Fjodor van Slooten started a website in May 1998, called PalmBeach. The site provided basic information and tips about PalmOS handheld computers. Several months later Fjodor and Serge Linneweever founded the Palm User Group Netherlands, and changed the name to Palmclub. In September 1998 Susan Krieger joined the group as editor of the newsletter, while Serge resigned.
The website and newsletter gained popularity, Susan became editor in chief. By the end of June 1999, we held our first meeting, and arranged to setup a foundation.
Palmclub bestuur Since then, the website and the community have grown to 4,000+ forum members and 5,000+ subscribers to our newsletter.

The last board consisted of:

  • Chairman: Jean-Paul Horn
  • Treasurer, Secretary & Editor-in-chief: Gonny van der Zwaag

Background information

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